Desk 온라인 주문 시스템 Customers who haven’t visited you always visit your website first to determine your reputability.
The good quality of your website presence could be the deciding factor for a potential customer.


$90 ~ $120/월

온라인 주문시스템

웹사이트 또는 앱을 통해서 제품을 검색 및 구매 결제 할수 있는 시스템

주문 시스템 특징

1. 온라인 카드결제 기능
2. 장바구니 기능
3. 포인트 적립 기능
4. 모바일 최적화
5. 이메일 또는 문자 알림 시스템
6. 픽업 또는 배달 시간 선택 기능
7. 주문 프린트 기능
8. 장바구니 디스카운트 기능

1 도메인

도메인 제공 가능

웹 호스팅

믿을 수 있는 보안과 빠른 웹사이트 로딩 속도의 서버를 사용

모바일 웹

어느 모바일에서든 호환되는 반응형 웹 디자인

추가 서비스 (무료)

바이러스 체크 및 백업 서비스

이메일 뉴스레터

프로모션 안내, 쿠폰 등을 이메일로 발송

½ Hour Monthly Updates

운영중인 웹사이트의 텍스트, 이미지 또는 가격 수정 서비스

구글 비지니스 등록

구글 비지니스 등록 대행, 검색 최적화 작업

월 정액
  • 백업

  • 검색엔진최적화(SEO)

  • 소셜미디어 셋팅

  • 합리적인 가격


Q. 웹사이트 설치 비용이 있나요?

A.월정액 웹디자인 팩키지에는 웹사이트 설치 비용이 없습니다.

Q. 월정액 팩키지를 언제든 취소할 수 있나요?

A.언제든지 취소하실 수 있지만, Monthly Website Service의 최소 구독 기간은 2년입니다.

Q. 월정액 웹디자인 팩키지에 웹호스팅도 포함인가요?

A. 네, 안전하고 빠른속도의 서버의 웹호스팅을 제공합니다.

Q. 만들어진 웹사이트는 제가 소유하는 건가요?

A. 월정액 웹디자인 팩키지는 저렴한 가격으로 웹디자인, 도메인, 호스팅, 관리를 받으면서 웹사이트를 저희에게 대여하는 개념입니다. 팩키지 이용을 취소하시면 더이상 웹사이트를 사용하실 수 없습니다. 소유권을 원하시면 별도 문의 바랍니다.

TERMS & Conditions

You will be entering a monthly agreement with Vanple Networks Inc after your first installment payment.

The Client can terminate this agreement by giving 30 days notice at ANYTIME. The website will then be deactivated. However, if the client cancel before 2 year after the site is set up, Vanple Networks Inc will charge for the rest of subscription fee. If required, the Client can request your domain name to be released from Vanple Networks Inc and transferred to another hosting provider; for a regular domain transfer fee of $30 (This price is not flat fee. It is depends on domain name.)

Since most of our referrals come from our sites we develop, a link to Vanple Networks Inc will appear in either small text or small graphic icon at the bottom of the Client’s website. Also the Client’s website will be featured on our portfolio. Removal the branding link fee is $3/month.

HST or other applicable taxes are payable at the applicable rate, as set by CRA, as of the date of production of the invoice.

Additional charges will apply on changes to the design. In this case, we will notice you before we start the design.

If you fail to make a payment; your site will be taken offline temporarily until payment is made.

Support & Updates

We will update the components we install to your website and your content management system free of charge while you have a hosting & maintenance plan with Vanple Networks Inc. This keeps your website safe and secure, and helps prevents hacking malware appearing on your site.

To submitting update request, simply send us email for maintenance request

While we fully test our websites, sometimes a fault may occur that is due to our work. In this event we will fix the fault for you at no cost.

Your website will be browser tested for the most popular web browsers at the time of building your website. We do not cover the cost to make changes to your website that is due to major releases of new web browser.


While we do try to include as many requests as possible with our Monthly Plan, the followings is not included as a standard design:

  •  Advanced Website Animations
  • The cost of any additional royalty-free imagery for use on commercial websites
  • Purchase of additional fonts/special fonts for use with your site
  • Copy-writing of the content for the website (content is provided by client)
  • Changes to your design or image modifications after launch – Purchase of additional images/fonts for use with your site
  • Costs of CMS (WordPress Plugin’s) required for your design or requested

We can do all the above for you, but some services for example can cost a significant amount of additional fees.

Simply let us know any additional requests when you contact us, and we will include any additional costs in your proposal.

Payment Terms

We do not require upfront payments or fees.

Payment must be made to allocate and secure design and development time for any new project. A monthly or annual payment secures this time for your website project and work starts shortly after pending current work load.

The date payment is made starts your agreement and billing cycle. Our billing system will automatically send out reminders when next term is due (monthly/annual)

For our monthly packages we ask that the monthly fee is paid on a recurring basis through Paypal subscription.